On Development and Updates

We love our customers!  Many of you have contacted us over the years with kind words, suggestions, and ideas for new TakeNote features.  As many of you know, we treat our customers like family.  But unfortunately, the answer to requests for the last almost two years has been the same. We can no longer provide updates.  It pains us to no end every time wer have to respond with that answer.  We would love nothing more than to provide updates and new features, but alas, it is not to be.  And our customers deserve an explanation.

In the Spring of 2013, I got a call from my Amazon developer program rep.  He said that they were contacting all app developers to give the same news.  The Kindle app development program was being shut down.  They were apparently bleeding money, because their highly curated approach to controlling app development cost way more than they were making by working with developers like us to create apps for 99 cents. Existing apps would still be available for sale, but they were not accepting any more updates or new apps.  He recommended switching to developing apps for the Kindle Fire, which was a totally different platform that ran their custom version of Android.

What was really painful for us was that we were sworn to secrecy.  We could not tell customers or anyone else that they were discontinuing app development for the e-ink Kindles.  The reason was fair enough. They did not want the public to get the wrong idea and assume that they were thinking of phasing out the e-ink devices.  In fact, the opposite was true – they still loved the Kindle as much as all of us do, and in fact were in the process of developing a whole new series of Kindles. As is evident by the new Kindle Voyager, Amazon is still 100% behind that amazing little device so adored by readers and writers.

So there you have it. The reason there had been no new TakeNote updates done the beginning of 2013.  This does not mean that we are abandoning our customers.  We are here, as we have always been, to answer any questions, provide any help we can, and share stories.  We set up a new forum area and this blog. Hopefully, Izzy will share some of her art, poetry, and writing here too!